About us

We are a non-profit organisation with a goal to document historical memory in both – in words and in images, also to promote visual culture by offering a life-long opportunity to study through trainings, films and publications.


„Ilmasilm” (translates as „eye of the world” or „world’s eye”) can help you with our friendly (camera)eye and our professional team whenever you wish to have a video, a film, a slide-program or a tv-show done. We have a strong background in media and have done a lot of work both in visual and in written media. Although we are especially skilled in educational, rural, social and media subject fields, we will gladly familiar ourselves with every other subjects that our clients might offer.


You can also ask help from us if you need a good eye and a pen to create or edit different kinds of publications. Your thoughts will get an eloquent and correct form and if needed, a nice design and printing as well.


„Ilmasilm” can also help you if you need help to communicate with media. We prevent problems and give advice to those in trouble.


We are waiting for your e-mails and phonecalls, together we will find a suitable solution for you!