We produce promotional, educational and short films and videos, slide programs and tv-shows.


With the help of our professional team – a cameraman, a director and an editor, you can create a piece which makes your idea, institution, event, etc., visible and heardable to a broader audience. If needed, we can also make copies from your film or video on as many DVD’s as necessary.



We create and edit printed materials.


Based on your idea, we will put together promotional and other kinds of publications. We offer linguistical and stylistical help, find a designer for you and a place to print your work.



We offer consulting and training on public relations.


Based on our thorough media experience, we can give you tips and help on how to prevent and overcome problems when communicating with media.






-No Nonsense Men (a cinema verite about the Tartu Academic Male Voice Choir)

   -look at the clip-

   -watch the movie-

-Järvselja – foresters Mecca (a historical overview film about the Järvselja’s study- and testforest)

   -watch the movie-

-Multimedia solutions for Ice Age Center

-From Kolka to Ruhnu (a documentary about long distance swimmers, in collaboration with Film OÜ)

   -look at the clip-

-Promotional clips in four different languages for international marketing for Science Center Ahhaa

   -look at the clip-



-Estonia’s Linen Story (a film for the permanent exposititon for the Estonian Agricultural Museum)

-Promotional clips in four different languages for international marketing for Estonian Agricultural Museum

-An english translation of the film Järvselja – foresters Mecca

   -watch the movie-

-A health and wellness center LOODUS BioSpa’s videolecture in estonian and russian

-A videoclip for Premia Tallinn Cold Storage about a MINI car raffle

   -look at the clip-



-An english translation for the film No Nonsense Men

-JAPAN POSTE RESTANTE (a roadmovie about Tartu Academic Male Voice Choir’s concert tour to Japan)

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   -watch the movie-

-An introduction film about the Illuka Parish (in three languages)

   -watch the movie-

-From sowing of ryeseeds to making the bread(a film for the Estonian Agricultural Museum’s permanent exposition)

-Training "Smart media communication"at Tartu Free Education University



-The Touch of Esto (a travel movie about Estonians' and foreign Estonians' Dance and Song Festival on a Caribbean cruise)

   -look at the clip-

   -watch the movie-

-The filming of Velma Mööbel OÜ's production processes

-Promotional clips for MV Sportclub

   -watch a clip about the club's Doors Open Day-

   -watch a clip about the club's trainers' photoshoot-



-"The 1941 war events in Viru-Nigula", the event video

   -watch the movie The war events in West-Viru County Viru-Nigula around-

   -watch the movie The 1941 war events in Viru-Nigula-

-A biography movie about Alo Ritsing, premiere in Estonian Public Broadcasting in November 2016

   -watch the movie-



-Promotional clips in three languages for international marketing for the Estonian Agricultural Museum

-UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN (travel film about Estonians and expatriates on a Caribbean cruise)

   -watch the movie-



-PIIMAPUKIMAAILM, premiere in Estonian Public Broadcasting in 13.07.2018

   -watch the movie-